About me

My name is Alexandra Schultz.

I am 28 years old and I am an independent animal photographer since octobre 2018. I live in the beautiful city of Wiesbaden and I take photos mainly in the area around Wiesbaden/Frankfurt/Rheingau. Sometimes I also travel around Germany and abroad. You get information about the newest tours on Instagram and Facebook

How did I get to doing photography?...yeah I was interested in it since I can remember and I ran around exitedly with my camera at family parties or at the beach on vacation. Hence my mother had to develop a loooot of photos ;-)

2016 my first dog, my shiba inu Choshi, moved in and needless to say I let him be photographed to treasure this special moment. When I saw the pictures, my wish to take photos rose again. And of course my puppy was full of energy and had a lot in his mind, but certainly not to sit still and look beautiful for his mistress. So I developed a lot of techniques for how to tame this little whirlwind for taking photos and took several hours on shooting on different undergrounds like grass, on tree trunks or lying/sitting in other places and rethinking a few methods ;-) But with every attempt my passion grew further and i got great results, which took every free inch in my place or my phone case. 

I grew up with a lot of animals and they accompanied me loyally on my way. Therefor I am happy about everyone in front of my camera with paws, hooves or wings!


I am fascinated again everytime, how different the character of each animal is, independent of species, race or even size. Every animal and every human-animal-relationship is unique and special.


As of 2020 I also organize events for other animal photographers, that want to learn the basics and/or want to expand their portfolio.


So with me there is always action ;-)

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